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This is the official tribute site for Bob Cobblestone, loan negotiator extraordinaire. Copyright, Negotiate Payday Loan, 2015 and beyond.

Negotiate Payday Loan - Bob Cobblestone's Legacy

"A good handshake and a smile was all it ever took."

- Bob Cobblestone, 1983

Welcome to Negotiate Payday Loan, a site dedicated to the legendary Bob Cobblestone, the most successful lending negotiator of all time. Before retiring at age 38, Bob became the worlds leading negotiator, with over 3000 career cash loans negotiated. Consistently ranked #1 in the world by both Lending Weekly and Loans Illustrated, Bob truly was in a class by himself when it came to convincing lenders how much to lend, and how little to charge for it.

The Man, The Myth...The Lenders.

We have all heard the stories - tales of Bob getting thousand dollar loans for under $10, or the time when he convinced a lender in Iowa to lend him $600 without even giving his bank information - but what about the tales that have gone untold? What about the deep, dark secrets that, until now, have only been known by a privileged few? We will, with full permission from Mr. Cobblestone himself, reveal the innermost truths of the man who has achieved near mythical status in the lending industry. And, for the first time in nearly 15 years, Bob will speak about the infamous "Water-check" scandal of 1977.

You can trust THE foremost authority.

From his modest upbringing in Portland, Maine to his very first life insurance rate negotiation on his 18th birthday, we've got every-Cobblestone-thing covered. In fact, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive collection of Bob Cobblestone related information on the internet. We offer this site as both a tribute to the brave borrower and as a resource for those who wish to learn how - and how not - to convince a lender that they should charge you less money for your next advance. Read the pages of Negotiate Payday Loan closely and your borrowing technique will likely improve by dividends. Just remember that it does take practice, and not everyone can learn to negotiate advances like Bob. But then again, as Mr. Cobblestone has said many times himself, "Giving up is stupid." Quite clearly, the words of a genius.
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-Negotiate Payday Loaneditor Steve Biltmore

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